Want to save money on your heating bill this winter? We’ve come up with these 5 ways to save energy at home. Here are our top tips for saving the planet and your pocket. Spoiler alert! Attic insulation and cavity wall insulation are still the best ways your can upgrade your home for a cosier January.


1.Get a BER Cert.
One way to assess your current energy usage is to get an audit. A Building Energy Rating Cert (BER) can tell you exactly what needs to be done in your home in order to make it more energy efficient. A 3 bed semi-detatched with a bad rating could spend on estimate €4000 per year on heating. With proper attic and wall insulation the BER rating could go up to a C or B saving between €2000-3000 per year.



2.Be Device Smart.
We’ve all heard of how leaving our TV on standby is costing us money. Likewise, leaving your mobile devices plugged in all night long not only hurts the lifespan of your battery but can eat away at your power consumption.


3.Family Values.
If you’ve got kids, or so called “screen-agers”, monitor how much time they are spending in front of their gaming consoles and mobile devices. How many times do they leave their machines on while they’re not playing them? This can lead to huge energy wastage.

attic insulation

4. Attic Insulation
Insulating your attic will save energy, money and the environment, keeping your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.


5. Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity wall insulation is one of the more popular choices when upgrading your current property’s energy rating. Polystyrene bead has been used for decades as an insulating product and with technological advancements; it is now the No.1 choice when upgrading the cavity wall insulation of existing homes.

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