Cavity Wall Insulation

Registered Envirobead Installer
As a registered Envirobead installer, GEM Insulation use Envirobead – Bonded Bead, Cavity Wall Insulation which has a Thermal Conductivity of 0.035 w/m2k.
Polystyrene bead has been used for decades as an insulating product and with technological advancements; it is now the No.1 choice when upgrading the cavity wall insulation of existing homes.

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Manufactured in Limerick, Envirobead is pumped into the cavity through a series of holes in accordance with a drilling pattern specified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

The holes are drilled from outside to avoid disruption to your home. These holes are about 25mm in diameter (the size of a €2 coin), which are made good to match the existing finish of your home on completion.

Adhesive is added at the point of entry, forming a wall of insulation. Installed under pressure, the mixture flows like a liquid, completely filling every part of the cavity. Once set, any moisture entering the cavity simply rolls down the outside of insulation to the base of the cavity preventing dampness.

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Both the manufacture of Envirobead and the installation process are regulated by the NSAI, giving peace of mind that your home has been insulated to the highest standards, providing a lifetime of savings and comfort.

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