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It’s Official ! Households consume 23% of Ireland’s Energy

26th November 2015: The report, Energy in Ireland 1990-2014, highlights how for the second year running Ireland's economic growth has been achieved with an overall reduction in energy use. Energy in Ireland Highlights for the year 2014 While GDP grew by 5.2% in 2014,...

Ireland sixth in world sustainability rankings

Ireland sixth in world sustainability rankings Ireland has made significant strides in becoming a sustainable country, both in terms of its governance and its reduction in CO2 emissions, and now, according to a new report, Ireland is the sixth most sustainable country...

How Much Money Can I Save by Insulating My Attic?

How much money can I save by insulating my attic? How much am I spending on heating my house every year? How much money could I save if I insulated my walls? If you stop to think about these two questions for a minute it's a lot more than you might expect. Did you...

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