Did you know that Irish Homes use 25% of all the energy used in the country? Did you know that you are literally throwing your hard earned money down the drain by not properly insulating your home? Did you know that you could be eligible for  free home insulation in the Limerick, Clare, Tiperary, Mid-West area?  GEM attic and cavity wall insulation

A cold house in winter is nobody’s friend and most of us know that not having proper attic and wall insulation can be the number one cause of this.

The heat lost through your roof can be up to 25% while the walls up to 35%. This diagram explains in more detail:

Free Home Insulation

Why pay for heat you are going to lose?

In many older built housing estates in Ireland, insulation was never a priority when they were first constructed. As a result there are literally thousands of properties spending thousands of euro more than they need to on their home heating bill  during the cold months.

To correct this situation, the Irish Government introduced the Better Energy Homes Scheme. This enables homeowners to apply for  a Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) grant to upgrade their property with attic and wall insulation. While this is great it does involves a lot of jumping through hoops and filling out forms.

free home insulation

Free Home Insulation

With GEM insulation we take the hassle out of this process. We apply for a grant on your behalf so you don’t have to pay now and get reimbursed later. Depending on your circumstances, this can amount to free home insulation!

Cavity Wall and Attic Insulation Grants Made Easy

We also provide our customers with a full attic and cavity wall installation service and a Building Energy Rating Certificate in the Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Mid-West region.

Call one of our team today and find out how you save on your heating bill and keep your home cosy this winter.

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