How much money can I save by insulating my attic?

How much am I spending on heating my house every year?
How much money could I save if I insulated my walls?

If you stop to think about these two questions for a minute it’s a lot more than you might expect.

Did you know you that 25% of your expensive to produce heat could be escaping through your roof?

This is the case with non insulated attics. Let’s put that in perspective; would you rather spend hundreds of Euro on your family or burn that money by not investing in proper attic insulation.


Upgrading your cavity wall and attic insulation will save energy, money and the environment, keeping your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Not only can you save on your heating bill but there are government grants available to you right now which can cover a substantial amount of the installation and materials cost involved in home insulation.


For a mid terraced house up to €1014 is available towards cavity wall and attic insulation. It breaks down like this; €650 for the grant and €364 for the subsidy.

Ordinarily, you would get this work carried out by a professional and then apply afterwards to be reimbursed. However, with Gem Insulation this is taken care of by our friendly team of advisers. Not only do we apply for a grant and subsidy on your behalf saving you time and hassle, but we also throw in a free BER cert for good measure!


We are fully insured, trained, NSAI accredited, and are a registered contractor with the sustainable energy authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Contact one of our team today for a free quote and find out how much money you can save by insulating your attic and outer walls.

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